Silver REFLUX Vaporizer

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This new age vaporizer is clear anodized aluminum, precision machined, and then hand-assembled.  Finishes vary on each unit.


  • Clear anodized REFLUX unit with one Quad Intake REACTOR
  • Heating elements included:
  •           20X- 1.6mm TI GR2 Rods
  •           12X- 1.8mm TI GR2 Rods
  •           9X- 3/32" TI GR2 Rods
  •           6X- 1/8" TI GR2 Rods
  •           1X- 5/32" Capsule
  •           1X- 1/8" TI GR2 Shovelhead
  •           1X- 6mm TI GR2 Shovelhead
  •           1X- 1/4" TI GR2 Terpedo
  • Nine empty concentrate vials with caps
  • Black silicone hose with titanium mouthpiece that mates to a 14 mm glass joint
  • 4122 Intake Throttle
  • Two circular silicone pads
  • Detachable power cord
  • Thermal protector safety feature 
  • 2 year limited warranty



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